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  • Amanda Clinton competing Ghana FA elections

    Amanda Clinton

    Amanda Clinton, the popular lawyer appeared as a strong contender for GFA, Ghana Football Association presidential election. Amanda Clinton is the main character appeared GFA’s Anas expose that why she considers herself best for the seat.

    If she luckily passes the vetting process and gets the nomination then she will compete Kurt Okraku, Dr. Tony Aubynn and George Afriyie on 20th of October, 2019.

    Amanda Clinton is currently serving as the Founding Partner of Clinton Consultancy and she is considering top lawyer of Ghana. For her professional attitude, she was invited by the Bar in England and Wales almost thirteen years ago.

    Local media reported as:

    “The most recognized commercial lawyers in Ghana, she is regularly instructed by international clients who require bespoke, timely and accurate Due Diligence Reports as well as Legal Opinions: corporate, banking, telecommunications, property & construction, and energy & infrastructure. Her firm also offers public-private partnerships services to clients.”

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  • Kylie Jenner Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian in This Little Black Dress

    Kylie Jenner

    The hour-glass shaped model, Kylie Jenner shared an adorable selfie in which she looks like her elder sister, Kim Kardashian. She was wearing a black mini dress designed by a famous designer, Maison Margiela. She was carrying black bob, Dior purse with fancy Chanel sunglasses.

    Kylie Jenner will appear in trio with her sisters in Emmys on Sunday. The trio will also present the awards. Kim Kardashian in her latest media talk discussed that her Jenner sister suggested the name of her youngest son, Pslam.

    “I called every sister, and Kendall was available, so I said, ‘Come over now, you’re not leaving my house until we get the name. And then Kylie and I—Kylie was like, ‘I’ll be on FaceTime with you guys, Kardashian recounted. And Kylie and I were vibing on the same name. And so Kendall and I, I have this big hallway, and you can hear down the hallway, so we’re screaming out every name, like ‘Psalm, get over here!’ like every practice of trying to see what name we liked the best. So, Kendall, I was driving her crazy, so I said, ‘Let’s take a break, let’s watch a movie, let’s get our nails done.”

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  • Adongo asks BoG to report to parliament or face court

    Member of Parliament for Bolga Central, Isaac Adongo

    The Member of Parliament for Bolga Central, Hon. Isaac Adongo who is also a noteworthy member of the Finance Committee has recently filed a case against the Bank of Ghana (BoG) for not submitting the six months report to the parliament.

    According to Section 53 of the Bank of Ghana Act, the BoG is responsible to send a report of all the foreign exchange in and out of Ghana, after every six months. However, the BoG has not only reported to the Parliament but also maintains the level of ignoring all the actions that have taken against it.

    However, Hon. Issac Adongo is all set to put a stop it as he said, “the Bank of Ghana has either failed and or neglected to comply with this statutory reporting requirement and is therefore in clear breach of the Bank of Ghana Act.” He has sent an official letter to the Attorney General signed by lawyer Dr. Dominic Akuritinga Ayine in which he has clearly mentioned the fact that the BoG has to present the report to Parliament in one month or face court.

    He said, “I intend to proceed to court to compel the Bank of Ghana to comply with the law within one month.”

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  • Naeto C is perfect husband says, Wife

    Naeto C

    The wife of popular musician, Naetochukwu Chikwe better known as Naeto C stated secrete behind her successful marriage. According to her, Naeto C is not an arrogant person at all.

    Naetochukwu Chikwe married seven years ago and blessed with three children. The actress defended her husband and said the pride of being a celebrity is not on his head. He is a humble and kind person. She made this statement during Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO), Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH):

    Responding to the Challenges of Youth, Family, and Society: The Millenials Response. Naeto C is a wonderful guy in spite of his status as a celebrity. He has fantastic family values and that is the reason we can sustain our family and stay married. Aside from his celebrity status, he has all the values of real man, he provides for his family and protects us, he is a wonderful father that has been the relationship with him. I trust and respect him because he knows his role and responsibilities; his celebrity status is not in his head rather his relationship as a family man. I understand his status even without being a celebrity I know about how ladies hover around men, but he has a line drawn against that.”

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  • If I were President i would have fired the Napo -Opare Addo

    Opare Addo

    National Youth Organizer of the NDC, George Opare Addo has demanded the removal of the Matthew Opoku Prempeh Education of Minister and said that if he were the president he would have removed the Matthew Opoku Prempeh form his seat until now.

    He said that when he saw the interview of the Education Minister after the incident of the Students calling the president that they don’t want the Free SHS they are tired he was terrified that what kind of the Education Minister he is.

    He said when the students and their families will not have anything to eat than what will they do to free Education, that’s why they are saying that they don’t need free education.

    On the other hand, the Education Minister has denied the statements given by the students and said that was a planned drama and the schoolboys who made the statement was paid to give the statement and this was all fake propaganda.



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  • Yvonne Nelson: I had been a virgin all my life until 2017

    Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson

    Ghanaian well-known actress, Yvonne Nelson has recently revealed about when did she lose her virginity. She didn’t reveal it on purpose as she is famous for being very private celebrity, but she couldn’t lie when one of the fans asked her on Twitter.

    Yvonne Nelson had an amazing question-answer session with her fans on Twitter in which she answers many questioned asked by different people. One of the fans asked her about when did she lose her virginity, the actress honestly replied the fact that she broke her virginity in 2017 on Valentine’s Day.

    The ‘Heels and Sneakers’ lead actress’s reply has literally left the Ghanaians in awe as she was in a lot of relationships before she met her baby daddy in 2017. Moreover, Yvonne also talked about what kind of man she considers her type by saying that he has to be honest, hard-working, cute, funny and intelligent.

    Stay tuned for more entertainment highlights.

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  • Akufo-Addo is not eligible to lead Ghana -Elikplim Agbemava

    Elikplim Agbemava

    Elikplim Agbemava the lawyer associated with the opposition party National Democratic Congress has described the President Akufo Addo as ineligible for the presidency.

    He said that Akufo Addo spends too much time in the Foreign visits and he has no time to stay in Ghana and listen to the problems of the people of Ghana so he should not be in the Office of President.

    He said Akufo Addo is not mentally and Physically fit to rule the countary and he has no credibility to take up the government so he appealed the people to choose wisely in the next elections.

    Elikplim Agbemava said that Akufo Addo’s Priority is not Ghana his priority is Tokyo, Canada, America. So choose someone whose priority is Ghana the people of Ghana.




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  • Fella Makafui replies Rosemond Brown’s Kaba

    Fella Makafui

    The curvy actress cum entrepreneur, Fella Makafui ignores Rosemond Brown’s statement that she lacks dressing sense. According to her, Fella Makafui appears in the worst dress on the red carpet. In her opinion, the dress was meant for casual wear.

    She dissed curvy actress by adding that she need professionalist to improve her appearance most specifically dressing. In response, the model posted her picture from the red carpet and captioned that she is extremely happy with her dressing choice.

    “Glad I wore one of My New Collections From @fmfellamakafui …”

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  • Akufo-Addo will launch Plastic Management Policy in October

    President Nana Akufo-Addo will reveal the national policy to curb the plastic pollution in Ghana on October 1, 2019. Information Minister briefed about the president’s schedule and further elaborated that Ghanaian government affiliates with Global Plastic Action Partnership to manage the plastic waste all across Ghana.


    GPAP is a new initiative by influential leaders to track global actions regarding plastic pollution. Information Minister explained that President Akufo-Addo and Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng will unveil the initiative in Accra. Mr. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah further said that the National Plastic Management Policy will help in green job formation and environmental protection.

    He indicated that Ghana possesses the ability to set up a new era of plastic action in Africa. The Ghana National Plastic Action Partnership will be launched in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program. It will back the existing work done in Ghana and speed up the reduction of plastic pollution in the country.

    Meanwhile, the main drive behind Ghana NPAP is to control and manage plastic waste and pollution. The progress of the policy will further lead to zero leakage of waste into the atmosphere and ocean. The Ghana NPAP will change the method of how plastics prepared, used, and re-used.

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  • CCI France Ghana leaves footprint in the International business community


    In the times when Ghana needs best business strategies and strong international ties, CCI FG (Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana) has built the hope by receiving two International awards. It’s one of the current news in Ghana that has been getting much hype as of late. 

    Yes! You heard it right, the CCI France Ghana has recently received two major awards at the just-finished CCI France International Award Ceremony held in Paris, France and made history. As it’s quite hard for any international private association to practically work and then recognize it internationally with two awards. However, CCI France Ghana has bagged one award for the Best Collaboration of the Year together with CCI France Lebanon and the other for being the Best Performance of the Year. 

    CCI France Ghana got two major awards for the fact that it has done a tremendous join in putting Ghana on an international map (business-wise) and also enhances the ties between France and Ghana. According to a media report, the voting was done on a higher level in order to pick the deserving candidates for the awards. The directors of the CCI France Ghana and 123 other French chambers participated in the voting process. 

    When the Managing Director of CCIFG, Mrs. Delphine Adenot-Owusu got the chance to speak after getting the award she couldn’t resist talking about her amazing initiative ‘Ghana Day Road tour’. She said, “CCIFG recognized the gap in information internationally on the business opportunities in Ghana. To solve this, we launched the Ghana Day Road tour, by which we present on the growing Ghanaian economy and shed light on how businesses can benefit. We are glad that internationally, the work we have put in these past two years is being recognized.”

    The prestigious CCI France Ghana was established back in May 2014 in the capital Accra and it has been helping Ghana in flourishing through different businesses since then. It’s a private association of more than one hundred and fifty plus companies in different sectors which aims to eradicate unemployment, supporting Ghanaian business scene, improve investment relations between Ghana and France and others. 

    If we throw light on the ultimate success of the CCI France Ghana we can’t deny the fact that 70% of the credit goes to the managing director of the association. So there is an extremely well-organized yet tough process through which all the selected candidates have to go through. The managing directors of CCI France are those 30 competent candidates who are chosen from 2000 or more from 54 countries. The selected candidates are considered as 30 Young Leaders of the French-African Young Leaders program and they get started by attending seminars both in France and Paris. 

    If we go through a little history of this prestigious association then we would definitely come to the common point that CCI France Ghana has always been a win-win for both Ghana and France.

    Stay tuned for more Ghana Business news.

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