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  • ‘One Corner’ producer claimed Patapaa as greedy  

    Peter Morgan Wright also known as Mr. Loyalty who is Swedru-based Music Producer has charged with crime ‘One Corner’ hit-maker, Patapaa of being greedy.

    Annoyed Mr. Loyalty straightaway posted on Facebook to express his anger on the musician of the moment in a long post.

    ‘One Corner’ producer claimed Patapaa as greedy/

    Mr. Loyalty post says, Patapaa has not fulfilled his promise after the ‘One Corner’ became a hit song in Ghana through which he is earning huge money. He mentioned in his post that, Patapaa came into his studio with a beat, wanted to record his voice and also feature some artistes on but couldn’t pay for the services because he couldn’t afford.

    Mr. Loyalty agreed to work with him and convinced Ras Cann to also feature on track which turned out to be very popular now everywhere.

    Mr. Loyalty’sis arguing because he has excluded him (himself & Ras Cann) in all shows he is giving performance.

    He has not given  him credit by adding their names as part of the success story of ‘One Corner’ track.

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  • Dr. Nduom announced PPP is not his property

    Founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr. Nduom said he is going to come on frontline of his party PPP by playing a new role of encouraging, supporting and educating the younger generation. He acknowledged that now he comes in the older generation.

    Dr. Nduom announced PPP is not his property/
    Dr Nduom, who is a two-time presidential candidate for the PPP, expressed these at the 4th National Convention of the party held at the New GNAT Hall in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

    At the Convention, he paid his gratitude to the young Progressives who competed in 2016 parliamentary elections and enlightened the luck of the party in many ways.

    He also thanked his running mate, Brigitte Dzogbenuku, as well as “our members and supporters who gave hard earned money to push our campaign forward”.

    But he unveiled the reason behind his new role on Saturday by mentioning the PPP is not Nduom’s property, it is their party. Now it’s the young blood to flourish it and make it successful.

    Dr Nduom founded the PPP in 2012 after coming out with the Convention People’s Party (CPP), on whose ticket he competed to be President of Ghana for the first time.

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  • Apple accused by Japanese company owner of the Animoji trademark

    A Japanese company, which is the owner of the trademark for Animoji in the US, is charging Apple for using the word to name its iPhone X feature.

    Emonster, which is a Tokyo-based company, on Wednesday, filed the suit in US federal court, claiming that Apple made the conscious decision to try to steal the name for itself. Enrique Bonansea, the company’s CEO, is a US citizen who is living in Japan.

    Emonster possesses an iOS app named as Animoji that released in 2014, which enables the people to send emoji that are animated in a loop like GIFs. The app requests you to compose the message kind of like how you would format a line of code in Javascript or Python, with brackets and parentheses that separate the kinds of affects you wish to add to emoji or text. The app comes at the cost of $0.99 on iTunes.

    The Animoji feature of iPhone X, meanwhile, enables people to convert their face into customized moving emoji, taking benefit of Apple’s face recognition technology. It was the quirkiest and funniest thing about Apple’s new flagship phone. The lawsuit claims that as both the iPhone X feature and the Animoji app are on Apple’s platforms, and since they both involve moving animation, the court should rule one of them out.

    As stated in the suit, Apple knew that Emonster owned the Animoji trademark since the app is in the Apple Store. Apple apparently offered to purchase the trademark, and when it was refused, it still kept using the name.

    Even though Emonster has kept the trademark for Animoji since the year 2015, Apple filed an appeal this very September to terminate the trademark, because of that; the registration is now under review. Apple stated that as a result of a filing error, Emonster registered the trademark to an imaginary business and so can’t actually possess “Animoji.”

    Emonster is seeking an unmentioned amount of money in damages and a court order to straightaway block Apple from continuing to use their name.


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  • All of The Nintendo Switch Game Demos are released Now

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch is a brilliant system having more quality games than you might imagine. But there are many ways in which Switch could improve, and that’s particularly true of the Eshop. The latest update finally presented a way to see what is on sale–on the unusual occasion that something is discounted–but the Switch’s online store still requires work to be done.

    Among all the other things, it could use a method to look at all of the demos that are presented for download. Nintendo has depended on its News channel to deliver some particular Eshop information, but that is just not ideal; if you are picking up a system late or haven’t checked in lately, no easy way is there to simply jump on the store and start downloading demos. There isn’t a ton yet, but except if you know precisely which games have a demo and go directly to their Eshop page, you will have to blindly search for them.

    Nintendo Switch

    In lieu of an official clarification, everything has been summarized about every game has a demo on the Switch Eshop. We will stay on updating you this as more is revealed, but hopefully, Nintendo has a fix coming our way–especially as the store remains to get crowded with more and more game rollouts. For a glimpse at what Nintendo has improved about the system, go and check out the details of the new big Switch system update.

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  • Facebook Messenger Now allow You to Send Money through PayPal

    PayPal and Facebook are firming up their bonds and have declared that the users in the U.S. can now receive and send money person-to-person over the platform of Facebook Messenger. The incorporation also brings a PayPal customer service bot that can handle requests and queries for help right away from within the Facebook Messenger window.
    Messenger has always owned a payment system integrated that would enable friends to pay each other openly, but that service takes money straight from the payer’s bank account by means of a debit card. Then that money is sent directly to the person getting the funds and places it into their checking account straightaway without the need of fees for either party.

    The PayPal integration will definitely still carry the same fees that PayPal is famous for, which can be considerable on some transactions. The latest statement means that for now when you are funding those peer-to-peer transactions, you can pick PayPal rather than your debit card. PayPal can also be chosen as default.

    In order to use the latest PayPal feature, all that you have to do is to tap the blue plus icon present inside Messenger. The green payments button is the very next thing you have to tap, and after that, you can choose PayPal to send the funds to a contact. PayPal integration should also make it very much easier to purchase and sell items in the myriad of Facebook buy-and-sell groups, as stated by Facebook about 450 million people visit every month.

    The PayPal customer service bot will be presented as a contact and will reply to natural language requests. You can inquire for help if you forgot a password for example by typing something such as “I have forgotten my password”. Bill Ready, the COO of PayPal has stated that the unique thing here is that Messenger has opened up a platform that enables them to not only have a one-to-one communication, but there is also a platform where they can go resolve things directly inside of Messenger.

    The users present in the U.S. are the first to get these latest PayPal features and they should be live at this moment with iOS and web going live before Android. All the other markets will get support sooner or later.


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  • YouTube added a new zoom-to-fill mode for the Google Pixel 2 XL
    YouTube added a new zoom-to-fill mode

    YouTube added a new zoom-to-fill mode

    Almost all of “bezel-light” devices on the market do make their much larger displays far more manageable by using a thinner, more one-hand friendly 18:9 aspect ratio. But in some certain cases, that doesn’t play well, particularly with 16:9 video. At the present, YouTube has a native way to adapt to that ratio for Google’s latest flagship.

    Seemingly in the YouTube app, exclusive to the Pixel 2 XL, for the time being, Google has added a way to enable the users to adapt the video they are watching to better fit the aspect ratio on this device. In a fresh teardown of the YouTube app, it could be easily spotted that a code snippet was suggesting at this functionality. At this time, we know that it’s live for the users to experience.

    Instead of Samsung’s implementation which makes use of the OS in order to adjust the video, this functionality is built straightaway into the YouTube app. All that you are supposed to do so as to adapt the video is using a pinch-to-zoom gesture either to view the video on the whole screen or to simply zoom out and see it in its native ratio.


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