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  • US support Juan Guaidó as Venezuela president- Trump

    US President, Donald Trump has announced that the US is in support of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president after protests against President Nicolás Maduro.

    Juan Guaidó

    Venezuela’s president broke diplomatic ties with the US after Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaidó as interim president.

    He made the announcement after 35-year-old Juan Guaidó called himself an acting leader in Caracas.  Venezuela’s president broke diplomatic relations with the US after Trump’s recognition of opposition leader.

    Many South American nations like Brazil, Colombia, and Peru also accepted opposition leader as Venezuela’s president.

    The country is also experiencing mass demonstrations against President Nicolás Maduro over years of economic fall.

    The main driving force which further led to driven out of people from Venezuela includes hyperinflation, power cuts and lacks of basic items.

    Venezuela government

    Mr. Maduro holds the office for a second term this month with widespread rumors of vote-rigging. Mr. Trump’s recognition forced Mr. Maduro to end diplomatic ties with the US and he gave US diplomatic man 72 hours deadline to leave the country.

    He also blamed Washington of interfering to rule Venezuela from far. He further said in an address that we’ve had sufficient “interventionism, here we have dignity, damn it!”.

    Some protests also held in support of Mr. Maduro on a much smaller scale. Earlier, Mr. Guaidó said in Caracas the protests will remain “until Venezuela is liberated”. He further swears to “formally assume the national executive powers as acting president”.

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  • Tonga’s undersea internet cable damage instigated a blackout

    Tonga’s only undersea cable has damaged due to bad weather which led to the closure of nearly a total blackout of internet services.


    Tonga’s internet services came via underwater cable

    The fault left the island nation of about 100,000 people in shock on Sunday night. A satellite connection is using for limited bandwidth. However, officials have to limit down social media use. The officials said that it may too several weeks to resolve the issue.

    According to Tonga Cable services, the fault took place at around 8:45 pm local time (7:45 GMT) on Sunday night.  They blamed a magnetic storm and lightning as a reason for the fault.

    A repair ship, to fix the issue, is currently docked in Samoa. It will take three days to arrive in Tonga and then restoration work will complete in one or two weeks.

    It further said that fixing of the 827km (514-mile) cable linking Tonga and Fiji may extend to three weeks.

    Tonga Cable director Paula Piukala said that they have the information that 80% of our international traffic came from social media.

    For that reason, we need to social media services like “Facebook, YouTube and stuff like that in the meantime so that we can maximize the small bandwidth that we have from the satellite on what is important to the country”.

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  • Nana Addo reopened the Anglogold
    Nana Addo reopened the Anglogold

    Nana Addo reopened the Anglogold

    Previous Obuasi Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) under the past Mahama organization, Richard Ofori Boadi Agyemang generally known as ‘Zuba’ has ascribed the incomplete shutdown of Anglogold Ashanti in Obuasi to factional legislative issues.

    Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, re-opened the Anglogold Ashanti gold mine in Obuasi, which was shut in 2014, in satisfaction of a battle promise he made to the general population of Obuasi on fifteenth July, 2016, in the run-up to the 2016 general races.

    Tending to the Chiefs and individuals of Obuasi, on Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019, Akufo-Addo noticed that upon his supposition of office, a progression of talks and transactions occurred, the final product being the re-improvement venture of the Obuasi mine.

    With an expected two thousand, five hundred (2,500) employments to be made, Akufo-Addo was certain that Obuasi, a once lively town, will be breathed life into back once more, with an enhancement in the living conditions of its inhabitants.

    The previous MCE expressed that in 2011 Anglogold Ashanti delivered gold more than 380,000 ounces of gold for the year, in 2012 creation was a little more than 312,000 which demonstrated a decrease in more than 50,000 ounces of gold.

    He noticed that, while Anglogold Ashanti was creating around 312,00 of every 2012 with a work power of 5,000, Tarkwa Mines was delivering more ounces of gold with lesser workforce. He included that the issue was a greater amount of workforce and back issues and not an ideological group purposely shutting down an organization.

    Previous Obuasi Metropolitan Chief Executive, additionally uncovered that what the President did yesterday was the dispatch of the redeveloped Obuasi Mines and not a revive like the NPP needed to put over.

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  • Ex-Anas: Tiger Eye PI threatens me

    Ex-Anas: Tiger Eye PI threatens me

    Ex-Anas looking for police insurance has uncovered how he was stealing by his previous partners to an uncompleted working at Tse-Ado a suburb of Accra and firearm shots were discharged in his face just to frighten him.

    He uncovered that one operator of Tiger Eye PI named Muda whom he knows and has worked with previously, snatched him from his home in Accra and took him to a building site at Tse-Ado possessed by Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

    He said this was at once the Tiger Eye group trusted he has been unveiling data about their work to Kennedy Agyapong. As per him, when they arrived, the Muda fellow took out a gun and discharged 3 boisterous cautioning shots over his head. He said when he began shouting and asking the Muda fellow whom he had considered a sibling why they needed to slaughter him, the Muda fellow did not express a word but rather left.

    As indicated by this Ex Anas staff who is at present under Police insurance, he later got an undermining instant message from Anas’ significant other and Anas Star, one Saddick Abubakar that he will kick the bucket on the off chance that anything happens to Anas Aremeyaw Anas since they trusted he (the yet anonymous operator) has been working intimately with Kennedy Agyapong to cut Anas down.

    He unveiled that Anas’ significant other told revealed to him point dark that she will ensure he passes on the off chance that anything happens to Anas following Kennedy Agyapong’s confessions.

    He said when Kennedy Agyapong began uncovering all the more destructive mysteries about Anas, Tiger Eye group including Anas blamed him for spilling data to Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong and by and by more dangers began.

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  • Mzbel: Please don’t hurt anyone’s vision

    Ghanaian female artist, Mzbel

    The popular musician, Mzbel has responded to charges made against her by the ex-admirer of Afia Schwarzenegger that she lays down with and control rich men for cash.

    In latest interview she stated that it would be reviewed that the ex-admirer of Afia Schwarzenegger, throughout the end of the week opened up a few dearly held secrets including that of Mzbel.

    As per him, Afia Schwarzenegger referenced to him that she no longer joint with Mzbel on the grounds that the vocalist isn’t dependable. He referenced that Afia let him know Mzbel makes due on controlling the enormous men she lays down with so as to bolster herself and her family.

    Yet, in a post on Instagram, Mzbel sending an enigmatic message said it’s dismal that individuals go out to annihilate others without thinking about the way that others are relying upon them.

    Read her statement as below:

    ‘Before you think of destroying someone. always consider those who depend on them. When you kill someone’s dreams and visions it is not them that suffer, but those who depend on that dream to grow their own dreams. Please don’t hurt anyone’s vision for they are many depending on it, no matter how small it looks. Whatever a man sow so shall they reap.’

    The actress has a now and again association with Afia Schwarzenegger. They used to be close, at that point they let bygones be bygones however at this point it’s conspicuous they’ve un-buried the ax once more.

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  • TrendyRail: I am turning my passion into a business


    The popular fashionista, Nana Odum better known as TrendyRail stated that most of Ghanaian celebrities are unaware of styling.

    Individuals in the inventive expressions industry particularly performers are frequently hailed for their specialty however in a universe of evolving elements, the bundling is the only thing that is in any way important.

    With this developing pattern of remaining in accordance with what is chic, one artiste who has not been grid for his design sense is rapper Sarkodie.

    Nana Odum, ubiquity known as TrendyRail is a Unified Kingdom-based Ghanaian fashionista. As indicated by her, the enthusiasm for styling developed when she started functioning as a visual merchandiser.

    Read her statement as below:

    ‘My passion got flared up when I during my five years’ experience as a visual merchandiser and now I am turning my passion into a business. Everyone in my family has this creativity in them. I got a call from one director I had worked with in the future to style Sarkodie, I was really on the edge since I wasn’t a fan of his music, it was more like emotions versus money, obviously I chose money but imagine being on set to style somebody you do not like and he [sarkodie] noticed it too, but he was fun to be with so my perception changed about him.’

    The challenging beautician who has worked with any semblance of Sarkodie, MzVee, Kuami Eugene and Kidi is balanced on changing the substance of masterful look and appearance.

    Speaking why she hasn’t worked with most Ghanaian celebrities, the beautician said:

    ‘I have had meetings with a few of them, but I feel they do not get the essence of it, branding is the foundation of every creative, so if you don’t take it seriously you will definitely become mediocre,so I prefer one client who understands and know the worth of their brand, the type of client is worth my time and I will more than happy to invest my creativity.’

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  • LG to disclose a phone having hover gestures at MWC

    LG has scheduled its Mobile World Congress (MWC) event date – February 24 – and it has just disclosed its tagline ‘Goodbye Touch’.

    The short clip suggests that LG is going to disclose a phone having the latest gestures that may even work without the need t actually touch them. Hovering over the screen is somewhat old as 2011, but to think of good, we suppose that LG has something big in mind.

    At the same time as MWC 2019, LG is planning to disclose the LG G8 and its first foldable phone together. We have to wait till that time to know further about them.

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  • Motorola Moto G6+ and Moto Z3 get pie and support for 5G mod

    Moto Z3Motorola began releasing Android 9 Pie to a couple of its further phones. The Moto Z3 is receiving January 1 security patch and the typical Pie features. You can read the complete change log to know further details.

    The support for 5G MotoMod is the most remarkable addition, which is supposed to make this one of the starters of 5G-connected phones (till this time, we have just seen routers and hotspots). It is supposed to work on Verizon’s network. Till this time, the mod itself is not offered and 5G networks are available just in a small number of cities.

    The Moto G6+ further gets the Pie, by this time, users in Brazil have got the update by this time. Bear in mind that the security patch on this one is sometimes older, December 1.

    A phone from 2017, the Moto X4, got Pie in November the past year.

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  • Turkey vows to support Ghana’s 1D1F
    Nesrin Bayazit/

    Nesrin Bayazit

    Nesrin Bayazit, the outgoing Turkish Ambassador to Ghana, has praised moves by Ghana to industrialize.

    As a result, Nesrin Bayazit has vowed the support of the Turkish Government for initiatives such as the One District -One Factory (1D1F).

    However, Ambassador Bayazit has cautioned against the expectations of a many Ghanaians wanting to see the country industrialized within 3-4 years.

    Ambassador Bayazit said the West African nation has the huge potential to become an industrialized nation and commended ongoing efforts to add value to its many raw materials and products.

    Many Turkish firms are playing main role in various aspects of economic expansion and growth in Ghana, citing the companies working on the Kotoka International Airport Terminal Expansion Project as well as Power Plants to support the energy sector, the Turkish envoy said.

    Ambassador Bayazit hinted Turkey is considering the establishment of a technical and vocational training centre in Ghana to help the industrialization agenda at local level.

    Turkey provides scholarships to Ghanaians as part of intervention to support human capacity, but outgoing envoy was not happy about frustrations some graduates encounter upon their return from Turkey.

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  • Now you can forward a WhatsApp Messages To Just Five Users

    Now you can forward a WhatsApp Messages To Just Five UsersDon’t you like to forward messages in your WhatsApp chats? Well, here is big news for you. Now WhatsApp is going to limit users to forward a message just five times. This thing is going to help to lessen the spread of fake news or misinformation.

    In recent times, WhatsApp was used to spread fake news stories in a lot of countries around the globe including Brazil and parts of Africa. A fresh and yet very famous case was related to the presidential elections of Brazil in which false news was circulated regarding the voting information and untrue stories circling around the presidential candidates.

    In the start, WhatsApp limited messages to forward them to 20 people in July prior to testing the five time forwarding limit in India.

    Earlier than this latest update, a WhatsApp user was able to forward a single message to about 256 people.

    It is yet to be found out whether this feature is going to help in lessening the spread of fake information and news.



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