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  • California: US woman found alive week after cliff plunge

    Hikers have found a US woman alive a week after her vehicle plunged off a California cliff and she also reported missing afterward.

    According to Monterey County Sheriff’s office, Angela Hernandez, 23, stay alive by using the hose from her jeep’s radiator to siphon water from a creek.

    Hikers found her on Friday. They saw her vehicle somewhat submerged at the bottom of a 60m (200ft) cliff in the Big Sur area.

    Ms. Hernandez also had a shoulder injury and appeared to have suffered a concussion. She further told investigators that she had veered off to avoid hitting an animal on Highway 1. It is California’s famed coastal road.

    She was traveling from her home in Portland to Los Angeles to visit her sister. Her family offered $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts after not hearing from her for days. Afterward, family members traveled to the area while police start searching on the ground and from the air.

    Monterey County Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Thornburg also called her lucky.

    It’s usually the fall that gets them, or the ocean that gets them, and she was lucky to survive both,” he further said.

    Ms. Hernandez needs time to get over her trouble, her sister Isabel told.

    This is very traumatic and will be a slow recovery process”, she concluded.

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  • Five students drown in Bangladesh River

    After playing a friendly football match between supporters of Argentina and Brazil, five teenage boys have drowned in a river in southeast Bangladesh.

    The boys came from a school in the southeastern Cox’s Bazar district. They went to bathe after a friendly game between supporters of Argentina and Brazil. Just then, the strong current of the Matamuhuri River swept them away.

    Police have recovered the dead bodies from Matamuhuri River on Saturday evening six hours later the boys drowned. Tens of thousands of people attended their funeral ceremony held on Sunday.

    How Does The Event Unfold?

    According to local Police Chief Bakhtiar Uddin Chowdhury, 22 schoolboys played a friendly football match on Saturday. They divide themselves between supporters of the two South American teams, Argentina and Brazil.

    He further added that six boys went to the river in the area near the Matamuhuri Bridge. There they had chosen to swim very deep.

    We rescued a boy. Later five bodies were recovered. The dead included two brothers,” he said. The incident took place at about 17:00 local time (11:00 GMT) on Saturday.

    Cricket is a very popular game in Bangladesh. But, football fever gripped the country during the football World Cup. Meanwhile, the most popular teams among Bangladeshi fans are Brazil and Argentina.

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  • I never issued Blay statement-Sefwianhwiasohene


    Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II, Sefwianhwiasohene and Chairman of the Governance and Development Committee of the National House of Chiefs, has denied issuing an announcement for the benefit of the National House of Chiefs, approaching the National Chairman of the overseeing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Freddie Blay, to apologize to the President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV, and the whole participation of the House, for specific remarks he made against Toggbe Afede which they regard annoying.

    Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II said that he is extremely astounded that such comments could be ascribed to him since he has not marked or approved any such public statement.

    As indicated by him, his Committee has not met to think on any issue in connection to the remarks made by Mr Blay.

    He clarified that per their structures, any result of such an addressing should be sent to a standing committee and not the general population.

    As per him, he isn’t the representative or enlistment center for the National House of Chiefs, and, therefore, it isn’t his mandate to issue squeeze proclamations in the interest of the House.

    “I’m exceptionally shocked; I just purchased Ghanaian Times daily paper today and read the story which was ascribed to an announcement they said I marked.

    “I don’t know anything about that. I called the Registrar [of the National House of Chiefs] and he revealed to me that the Vice-President [of the National House of Chiefs] disclosed to them that they should put my name under the announcement since I’m the Chairman for Governance. At the Governance sub-committee, even after a gathering or thought on an issue, we don’t have the specialist to impart it to general society, we need to forward it to the Standing Committee,” he pushed.

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  • Charlotte Osei is one of the most competent persons i ever met-US Ambassador

    US Ambassador

    Active U.S. Ambassador, Robert P. Jackson, has said he is “extremely disturbed” about the portrayal of the expelled Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) as “uncouth”.

    Mr Jackson said in spite of her expulsion from office, Mrs Charlotte Osei stays a standout amongst the most capable people he has ever met.

    President Nana Akufo-Addo expelled Mrs Osei from office together with her two delegates: Georgina Opoku Amankwah and Amadu Sulley, in light of a suggestion from a board of trustees set up by the Chief Justice.

    Responding to Mrs Osei’s rejection , Mr Jackson stated: “I would prefer not to get into an open deliberation about whether she was appropriately denounced or not, I feel that is for the court to choose, at the same time, I have been exceptionally vexed about the allegation that she is clumsy, a few people have utilized that word, however Charlotte Osei is a standout amongst the most skillful individuals I have ever met.”

    A year ago, the U.S. Consulate regarded Mrs Osei with the 2017 Women of Courage Award which is offered yearly to ladies around the globe who have demonstrated authority, valor, and readiness to forfeit for others, particularly in advancing ladies’ rights.

    Mr Jackson stated: “I would give her the honor as Woman of Courage again today if we somehow happened to do it over. Despite everything I trust that she and her kindred magistrates directed the most attractive, most straightforward decision I have ever by and by seen. It was a colossal achievement.

    “I don’t know whether she disregarded any laws, I comprehend from what I’ve heard and perused that the choice she made to reconstruct the site amid the decision after it was hacked may have been in negation of Ghana’s acquirement laws yet I additionally comprehend that the time was of the quintessence, thus, I think she, from what I know, followed up on what she felt was the best activity at the time.”

    In 2017, a five-part board of trustees was set up by Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo to examine affirmed demonstrations of debasement including Mrs Osei and her two Deputies.

    Some staff of the EC requested of Nana Akufo-Addo to expel Mrs Osei from office over affirmations of misrepresentation and money related wrongdoing and also mishandle of office.

    Mrs Osei additionally counter-charged debasement against her delegates demanding that she has done nothing incorrectly and just being harassed out in light of the fact that she is battling inner unite.

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  • Ghanaians needs to built a mindset to fight corruption-john Rawlings

    john Rawlings

    Former President Jerry John Rawlings has asked Ghanaians living abroad to transmit the nature of teach and reasonable administration of assets they obtain out there, back to Ghana to help control the scourge of debasement and train which keeps on immersing our general public.

    He said while Ghana had made positives steps to upgrade majority rule government and settle her economy towards development and improvement, it is as yet thinking about defilement, noticing that it “is essential to value the way that keeping our ethical texture as a people unblemished and the suitable attitude as nationals towards debasement is critical to battling this danger.”

    The previous President decided when he conveyed the keynote address at the 2018 Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards in London on Saturday.

    Flt Lt Rawlings said Ghana’s part as a center point of peace and the door to Africa implied she needed to contribute in assorted approaches to improve the mainland a place, expressing; “the world can just hold us in high regard on the amount we interface with all inclusive shared estimations of truth and uprightness”.

    The GUBA Awards Special Guest of Honor said he had achieved a stage in life where he ought to appreciate life following quite a while of indefatigable administration where he will be substance to see his comrades succeed and access essential courtesies and to see an African landmass where wellbeing, flexibility and equity and equity is ensured.

    “How would I encounter any significant serenity when I see my kindred Africans butcher each different as has occurred in nations like Sudan, Nigeria and Cameroon? How might I not feel torment and outrage when guiltless casualties particularly ladies and kids are carelessly slaughtered? The previous President inquired.

    Addressing the contentions and viciousness in parts of the landmass, previous President Rawlings said excessively riches and influence happens to be in the hands of numerous wrong individuals with a few nations under the grasp of unconscionable characters and their accomplices in the supposed created world.

    On the circumstance in Cameroon, he approached the United Nations and the African Union and in addition French President Emmanuel Macron to examine the revealed mishandle of Anglophones and to keep away from the inconvenience of shallow arrangements on the English talking half of the nation.

    The previous African Union High Representative to Somalia stated: “Today, there are numerous countries around us that are saddled with unbelievable clashes. What we have to do as a mainland is to push our legislatures and different respectable individuals to stand and take a stand in opposition to treacheries in influenced nations.”

    Previous President Rawlings said vote based system and improvement that did not depend on the run of law and flexibility and equity would in the end fall as experienced in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

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  • Corruption is increasing under Akufo-Addo – Manasseh Azure

    Manasseh Azure

    As indicated by the straightforward award winning investigative columnist Manasseh Azure, much the same as numerous concerned Ghanaians, he is seeing no change in the nation, especially in the battle against debasement after the NPP assumed control from the “fizzled” NDC government.

    This, he stated, is clearly so since President Akufo-Addo and his legislature have neglected to “focus on the best way to propel the country” and is fairly playing a habitual pettiness with undertakings of the nation.

    Manasseh Azure Awuni’s remarks returned on the of an assault propelled on previous President John Mahama by Gabby Otchere-Darko for condemning the NPP government.

    Mr. Otchere-Darko in a Facebook post, advised the previous President to “shush” as government endeavors to deal with the ’emergency’ his organization left the economy in after Mahama condemned the administration over theories there might be an expansion in Value Added Tax (VAT) and National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL), in the Mid-Year Budget Review.

    “Surely, the neglectful way the NDC kept running down the economy in 8yrs (or we overlook), called for imaginative and wise measures to fulfill three things: deal with the obligation emergency; keep the state hardware running and; convey without anyone else guarantees. The Akufo-Addo government found a path in 2017, and will keep on finding ways that will keep confidence with the general population of Ghana. Be in no uncertainty. What’s more, it would be ideal if you would somebody be able to out there disclose to John Mahama to shush! It isn’t his blame, however. The NPP has been thoughtful to him on the devastation he caused to the economy,” Gabby composed on Facebook in light of Mahama’s; “The Ghanaian business segment has never experienced such troublesome circumstances ever of fourth Republic. Akufo-Addo’s proposed new expenses would injure organizations further and furthermore overcome his much-touted mantra of “from tax collection to generation,” tweet.

    Be that as it may, Manasseh Azure appears to trust Gabby’s reaction was pointless, particularly at once Ghanaians are as yet attempting to see a distinction in Akufo-Addo’s execution.

    He exhorted the key players to “allow John Mahama to sit unbothered and utilize the exertion you and your kin spend in reminding us about his blemishes to help Nana Akufo-Addo and his group to spare this country”.

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  • i am not politician who turns away from campaign promises. Akufo-Addo


    Leader of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has declared that he isn’t a legislator who gets some distance from crusade guarantees.

    Talking at a durbar of Chiefs and individuals in the center belt of the Volta Region in Hohoe, amid his voyage through the locale, President Akufo-Addo expressed he has started conveying on his guarantees to display to Ghanaians that “not all legislators are the same”.

    “A portion of the government officials when they give a guarantee, they mean it and will keep it and one of them is me Nana Akufo-Addo,” he pushed.

    He touted the foundation of the Nation Builders’ Corps (NABCO), anticipated that would utilize 100,000 youthful graduates to aid benefit conveyance in people in general part, decrease in power tax, Free SHS, Planting for Food and Jobs among others as guarantees he has conveyed on.

    He included that administration goes for enlisting 1 million agriculturists under the Planting for Food and Jobs program by 2020 to build profitability of ranchers the nation over.

    “This year we are stretching out the program from 200,000 to 500,000 agriculturists. My objective is that before the finish of the four years, it will be 1 million ranchers will’s identity in the program for planting for sustenance and occupations.”

    President Akufo-Addo likewise guaranteed of his pledge to finish development of the woeful Eastern Corridor Road as guaranteed amid the 2016 electioneering.

    “In 2016, when we were on the battle, I came here, I likewise went toward the Western Region… President Mahama was stating that the time of his office has seen foundation improvement that we have never found in Ghana, Unprecedented framework advancement, I trust you recollect this articulation?”

    “What’s more, I said I don’t see this uncommon advancement, anyplace I go, am on awful streets. He said ‘I was snoozing on the streets and that is the reason I didn’t see the great improvement that had occurred.’ Today I’ve gone ahead the Eastern Corridor Road and I didn’t rest, I couldn’t rest.

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  • Xbox One planned to have Dolby Vision update

    Xbox One planned to have Dolby Vision updateMicrosoft manager Brad Rossetti has declared on Twitter that the Xbox One gamers can wait for an update which is supposed to present the much-awaited Dolby Vision compatibility.

    The firmware update is supposed to permit both of the flagship Xbox One X and the Xbox One S so as to play footage by means of the dynamic range and enlarged color space of HDR, given that you are possessing a compatible TV set.

    This thing suggests that the Xbox appears ready to be the first gaming console which is to support Dolby Vision. The update is planned to get presented in the next few weeks.

    Basically, Dolby Vision is a format designed particularly for high-dynamic range (HDR) video that is able to enlarge the dynamic collection of pictures for darker blacks and brighter whites, providing much more depth to all of those objects that may be the ones to appear flat on rest of the screens.

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  • LG taking LCD orders for the 6.1″ 2018 iPhone

    Just two weeks earlier, a report has got out assuring that Apple is viewing LG as a potential supplier for its OLED panels and conciliations are in its last stage. It is supposed that 2 to 4 million units are going to have LG’s panels and at this time, a further industry source confirms those rumors and adds LCD screens into the mix.

    A South Korean media discloses that LG is going to be the only supplier for the 6.1-inch LCD panels of iPhone. That is supposed to amount to several 20 million LCD that are being provided to Apple as this is supposed to be the most affordable member of the new iPhone trio and it is supposed to be rather popular.

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  • Oppo A3s appears having 6.2″ LCD

    Oppo A3sOppo has just declared its most recent budget smartphone, named as Oppo A3s. As it comes out not to be a totally new device, but only a re-branded Oppo A5.

    The Oppo A3s has been made around a 6.2-inch IPS display coming with tall 19:9 aspect ratio and 720 x 1520 pixel resolution. Oppo names it as FullView display and it assures of an 88.8% screen-to-body ratio, even though that is perhaps not factoring in the notch.

    Those pixels are driven by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 SoC having the help of 16GB of expandable storage and 2GB of RAM.

    The A3s presents a 13MP main camera together with f/2.2 aperture on the backside, coming together with a secondary 2MP unit designed for depth sensing. The front snapper is of 8MP and is coming with f/2.2 aperture and it carries AI Beauty effects.

    The phone is run by a huge 4,230 mAh battery and it powers Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box having Oppo’s own Color OS 5.1 there on the top.

    The Oppo A3s is going to be presented by means of Flipkart,, and PayTM in addition to offline stores starting on July 15. The asking price is going to be INR 10,990 ($160).


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