Mogha Biblz

Biblz according to Mogha
Biblz according to Mogha

Mogha Biblz is a Ghana comic about a character who is always drunk, smokes and has various funny descriptions for his dietary needs, which all involve unhealthy substances and practically no food.

You will need the “Biblz according to Mogha” to be able translate what would normally seem to be straight forward and obvious conversations.

Biblz Dictionary Snippet…

Special Brew – coffee
Guinness – celebration after a moment of genius
Alomo Bitters – rice and beans
Water – Akpeteshie A.K.A fire water
Peace pipe – weed joint as in “I get sense from incense which helps perfect my skill in no-nonsense nonsense”
Breather – cigarette as in I need to take a breather.
Sweet Tea – Palm wine


Fruition - Rise of the Veggies
Fruition – Rise of the Veggies

The Prophecy – Completion of actualization of our given right to materialize and attain accomplishment through self achievement with resolve, will impress upon all as we full fill self-realization of the power of Fruit and Veg. Consummation will finally conclude with execution of battle performances most severe, perfecting a world where Fruit and Veg stem high and mature to live ripe ages… then, and only then…. will fusion come to pass as perfection …Fruition

err …in English please…In short, in this Ghana comic, Vegetables rise under the persecution of Fruit. There are wars, they finally work out that it’s OK to be different and that they need each other to fight common enemies. They call a truce and all live happily ever after, until a new foe arises to threaten their world.

The story goes something like this. Fruits are the most favoured in the land of Ghabadi ( a small plot of bush land near Africa Lake across the road from Labadi Beach). Vegetables are seen as second class citizens. Our story tells of a prophecy where all Fruits and Veggies become united… how it began…one day in a land far far away… Veggies witness the aftermath of a Vegetable massacre, not seen in generations of plantations. They think it was the Fruits. In another part of the land, Fruits also witness a decimation of their Fruity brethren and they think it was at the hand of Veggies. Unbeknownst to them is that other creatures exist that eat both vegetables and fruit and they were the perpetrators of the killings. Both species outraged by these heinous acts declare war on each other.


Ghawiz Yelly and Afio
Ghawiz a.k.a Yelly and Afio

Ghawiz is a Ghana comic series about 2 Grandmother sisters called Yelly and Afio who are also wizards. In every day life they are pensioners but when they change they become Wizards. Ghaaaaa Wiz! is their call sign to morph and transform into wizards, however they still need a potion – the main ingredients comes from mahogany bark boiled in a cauldron mixed with palm-wine, this is then poured into palm-wine shells to solidify and make pearl like beads. The grandmothers then craft them into necklaces, so that the potion is always in easy reach.

Jatta and Obishi

Jatta and Obishi
Jatta and Obishi

Ghana Comic Series Jatta Obishi – Jatta is just a cool hip cat that likes to skirt the law. He is always getting into trouble and being chased by officer Obishi from the Police force. Jatta likes fast cars and is a hit with the women and although Obishi doesn’t like him very much she does find him interesting, nevertheless she is a married to her job as a law-abiding enforcer of the law.