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  • Joshua Akamba says NDC is going to win 2020 Elections

    Joshua Akamba

    Joshua Akamba National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress has said that the National Democratic Congress is going to win the elections of the 2020 and the John Mahama is going to become the president of Ghana once again.

    He said that the New Patriotic Party has failed to fulfill the promises they made in the elections of the 2016 and the Ghanian are dying from the hunger, he said most of the Ghanaians don’t have a square meal and they are starving under the government of the Akufo Addo.

    He has we are going to win the elections and we are going to develop the motherland and we are going to make the Ghana great again where no one will die and commit suicide from the hunger, where prosperity will cherish throughout the countary.

    He said we are going to eliminate the corruption from the countary and in our government, every Ghanian will have the same fundamental rights which they can not have under this corrupt government.



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  • I’m coming with full power – Dr Hassan Ayariga

    Dr Hassan Ayariga

    Dr. Hassan Ayariga, Founder and leader of the All People’s Congress has said that he is fully ready for the elections of the 2020 and his party will show up in the elections will full force.

    He has also announced to run the presidential election campaign and he will be contesting as a presidential candidate, previously in the elections of 2016, he was also the presidential candidate.

    He was silent from a long time after the defeat in the elections of 2016 and now he has broken the silence and once again announced to contest the presidential election.

    He also said that the Ghanaians are fed up with the governments of both main parties which are the new patriotic party and the National Democratic Party and now they need someone who is really loyal with the Ghanaians and want to serve them.







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  • The natural flow of things in a unilateral direction leads one to the existence of a GOD

    Entropy is a measure of disorder in the system. Each system of unit of matter is destined towards attainment of stability and to reach a state of equilibrium, after which the life would halt and things would perish as a result of the ‘heat death’, and that will be it. This is the story of life.

    Those who don’t believe in the existence of God and believe in the spontaneous flow of things have to ponder over the laws of thermodynamics (heat). The heat flows from a hot to a cold body with the reverse is not possible. Similarly, all the matter existing in this universe and elsewhere in stars and galaxies are heading in a unilateral direction, that is towards their demise, once they reach the stage of equilibrium which is called the ‘heat death’.

    God has created each and everything out of nothing

    A scientific approach in studying the origin of life leads to a single God

    It is the God, which is without any doubt, handling the things to move in irreversible direction. The Quran predicted the fate of life and matter some 1400 years ago to be moving in a single irreversible direction leading to demise and the end.

    Similarly, it is the hand of the God who is supervising the so called ‘theory of natural selection’. Some weaker animals tend to survive in specific conditions, whereas even the giant ones are unable to cope with such waves of turbulence. Dinosaurs are one prime example, they extinct because of some sort of meteoric activity which followed waves of natural calamities which led to their demise, whereas many other inferior creatures did not collapse and sustained the injuries. Surely it is the hand of nature which is controlling the affairs and not the ‘nature’.

    Origin of species and the study of emergence of pre-biotic life in anaerobic conditions, devoid of ozone layer explicitly speaks about the presence of a heavenly creature who must have set the tone for life to emerge and follow and step wise phases of evolution, eventually culminating into the creation of human beings.

    The scientists are still unable to answer an apparently very simple question: “how organic matter was synthesized in anaerobic and from inorganic matter, some two to two and a half billions years leading to the creation and existence of bacteria and other microorganisms?”

    There are so many other questions pertaining to the existence, continuation, evolution and sustainability of life which are yet unanswered, there are many hypotheses, but the truth is yet to be unveiled. All the latest developments surely lead one to a strong belief in the presence of some divine entity, who is the Creator, planner, master and handler of all the processes leading to a creation of life and matter from nothingness.

    Quran has predicted all the issues pertaining to the creation of galaxies, each with a set of seven heavens, each set bearing an earth-like planet or atmosphere, which is supporting life. The scientists now do believe that life does or did exist in heavenly bodies, other than earth. The Quran has also predicted that the species exiting elsewhere will one day come into contact with the humans of this earth.

    Those blessed with some sort of spirituality and a positive decree must be able to see through the flow of momentum of life leading to a God. One has to be unbiased to start with and then he shall be able to make some connection with the God, and then He shall guide him all the way long, throughout one’s life in worldly and spiritual matters.




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  • Yvonne Nelson: It is my wish to be President

    Yvonne Nelson

    The bold and beautiful actress, Yvonne Nelson opened that her biggest wish is to become the president of Ghana. The actress appeared on social media and offered her fans a live question, answer session.

    One of her fans asked her “What’s ur widest wish?” the actress quickly replied that “To be president.” Further, the fan added that which country she is willing to rule. The actress didn’t reply to that question.

    Yvonne Nelson earned the title of ‘Yaa Asantewa’ in 2015 when she runs the campaign against Dumsor. The ideology of the campaign was ‘DumsorMustStop.’ The campaign was settled down after resolving the problem. Many celebrities joined her in the campaign.

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  • Justin Trudeau apologizes for blackface images

    Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has apologized for wearing blackface makeup and confessed such manners stimulate racism. His apology came after the genuine video footage of his student and teacher life got viral.

    Justin Trudeau

    His political party also confirmed that the video footage dates from the early 1990s. All this revelation came into light at the time when PM Justin Trudeau is hoping to win another term.

    Mr. Trudeau appeared wearing a white T-shirt and torn jeans while his face and limbs hide in black make-up. He may be in his late teens or early 20s at that time.

    Blackface has remained popular in the past especially in the entertainment industry. The white people cover their faces with dark makeup which consider condemnable as a racist caricature.

    Mr. Trudeau expressed his deep regret on his actions as PM has promoted himself as a supporter of social justice and diversity.

    Mr. Trudeau revealed that he dressed up in Aladdin costume during a gala based on Arabian Nights. I don’t think this as racist at that time but now I realized it as racist and I apologized for that. Meanwhile, his photos sparked strong criticism against him and Canadian media rejected the excuses from PM.

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  • Lydia Forson: Government doesn’t care about you

    Lydia Forson

    The controversial actress, Lydia Forson once again shaded the government and said that a higher authority doesn’t care about natives of Ghana. According to her, the government is unfamiliar with the term ‘leader.’

    Lydia Forson added that government officers lack self-respect, integrity, and most importantly honor. Her statement hit the screens after Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah delivers a statement regarding ‘missing Takoradi girls.’

    Read her statement as below:

    “What happened to the #TakoradiGirls, how the police handled the case, the silence of our government and the treatment of the families should tell you the value of your life in this country. What happened to the # TakoradiGirls, how the police handled the case, the silence of our government and the treatment of the families should tell you the value of your life in this country.

    The Director-General of the CID’s refusal to step down after lying to the media and putting the families through emotional turmoil says a lot about leadership in this country. Most leaders in Ghana will hold on to power even if it means knocking everyone down. #TakoradiGirls. Beyond our outrage, I need to understand what the Ghana Police Service needs to help it become more effective. I don’t want to believe that everyone there is happy with the fact that a majority of Ghanaians have no faith in them. Really, what can we do?”

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  • President Akufo Addo to attend 74th UN General Assembly

    Akufo Addo

    As the head of Ghana’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, the President of the Ghana Nana Akufo Addo has left the Countary to attend the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    The President will attend the number of sessions and meetings other than the session of the United Nations, he has been also invited to the Princeton University on Friday to chair the session and address the students.

    On Saturday, September 21, 2019, the President will also deliver the speech to the Achebe Leadership Forum at the Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

    On September 25, 2019, the President will address the Session of the United Nations and also have other meetings in the United Nations.




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  • Railway Company never recieved $10m from GMC – Michael Ayetei

    Michael Ayetei

    Deputy Managing Director of the Ghana Railway Company Limited, Dr. Engineer Michael Ayetei Adjei has addressed the Press and said that his company never received the payment of the $ 10m from the Ghana Manganese Company for the rehabilitation of the Western Railway corridor.

    He rejected the claims that they received the $ 10m and said that they have only received 4.9 m dollars for the renovation of the Western Railway corridor by the Ghana Manganese Company and remaining are due on the Company to pay them.

    He said that they have to pay the employees of the Company and due to stoped payment they are not able to pay their employees which is affecting the efficiency of the work and delay in the project.

    On the other hand, the Ghana Magnanese Company has claimed that they paid the Company but the Company is delaying the renovation of the Railway site and is not working with the good faith and using the delaying tactics.




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  • Twin Attacks in Burkina Faso Leave Dozens Dead

    Burkina Faso has become prone to violence since armed Islamic groups spread towards through the Mali borders and now at least 29 people reportedly died in twin terrorist attacks.

    Burkina Faso

    The assailants targeted a food convoy and a transport truck in two separate attacks. At least 14 civilians died in food convoy attack while 25 killed and 6 injured after an Improvised Explosive Device hit a truck.

    Both terrorist attacks occurred in Sanmatenga province, lies north of Burkina Faso. Local sources said that food truck traders have three-wheeler vans to provide stuff for displaced people. Regional heads also met in Ouagadougou to discuss the latest security situation in the region.

    Burkina Faso is a previous French colony and also one of the poorest nations in the world. It is struggling to defeat an Islamist insurgency for four years but in vain. The government declared a state of emergency at the end of 2018 following serious attacks from the Islamist groups but the revolt spread from north to east. In another attack on a military base in northern Burkina Faso, 24 people lost their lives.

    Terrorist targeted the capital city three times like March 2018 jihadist attack on military head offices wherein 8 people killed.

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  • Mzbel: Bleaching skin is my greatest mistake


    The nightingale of the Ghanaian music industry, Mzbel stated that bleaching her skin was the bad decision she ever made. The songstress disclosed that if someone guided her related the side effects of bleaching skin she would never attempt such a brutal act to herself.

    The 16 years’ hit-maker, Mzbel said she never had counseling related such issue. Further, she added she is proud of herself that she was born black.

    Read her words as below:

    “I have come to understand life and I am trying to connect to who I am, as a black person I don’t think I have to be apologizing for being black. I don’t care if people start saying I am black now, being white is not who I am and anytime I see someone with dark complexion I jealous the person. I move from Church to Church because I’m on a spiritual journey to quit bleaching.”

    If you compare her skin tone when she began her career everyone can see visible change. She was insulted over her decision.

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