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  • Sarkodie gets nominated for BET Hip-hop Awards and Ghanaians are not happy


    It’s quite safe to state the fact that Ghanaian awards winning rapper, Sarkodie popularly known as Ghanaian rap god is one of the very few Ghanaian artists who are sincere with their music career and their homeland, Ghana. He has always worked very hard to put Ghana music scene to an international level. 

    From doing successful international tours to doing the awards winning collaborations and making meaningful singles, Sarkodie has played a vital role in making Ghana proud through music. For his continuous efforts, he has won various local as well as international awards including the honorary Black Entertainment Television (BET) award. It’s quite a deal to bag one BET award but that’s not the case for Sarkodie as he has got another nomination while making history. Yes! You heard it right, according to Joy News Ghana, the ‘Highest’ hitmaker has got a mega nomination in the category (hip-hop) which never existed until now.

    In other words, the organizers of the BET Awards have introduced the category of hip-hop for the first time in 2019 and guess what? Ghana’s finest Sarkodie has got the nomination. No doubt, it’s a moment of pride and celebrations for all Ghanaians. While speaking exclusively about the nomination, the rap god said it feels super great to be nominated for such a prestigious award. 

    However, it’s in the nature of Ghanaians to spoil the celebratory mood of the celebrities by reminding them, what they cannot achieve anyway. Likewise, some of the Ghanaians demand Sarkodie try and win in the English speaking countries as well. So, he couldn’t resist talking about how English native rappers always get the benefit because of their mother tongue. According to him, artists should never be judged in terms of language instead they should be judged by the stage flow. 

    Sarkodie also explained the whole thing by saying that “I keep explaining it is a cheat for me to try and battle in English because they were born into it even though he has the technique to beat them when it comes to stage flow. People always say the best rappers are in America, Grammy will say they are the best musicians, Miss World will say she is the most beautiful lady because of those who contested with her, which is not necessarily true. I always believe that in “act” there are always levels to it because there are certain people that when I see them I know they are good but technically I am better.”

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  • Football fans taunt Amanda Clinton on poor performance

    Amanda Clinton, the aspirant of Ghana FA president was torn apart on social media. This happened on Monday night when she gave a very bad performance at the first-ever presidential debate organized in Accra.

    Clinton does not have high chances seeing her performance. Rest of the credit goes to the Ghanaians taunting her on social media.

    Amanda Clinton

    She was not able to give appropriate answers to the people to satisfy them. She also seems lost and confused.

    The reaction has been very fast by the social networking site users Twitter. They mocked the only female candidate taking part in the race for Ghana FA president.

    On Monday night, five out of the six candidates took part in the intellectually stimulating exercise held in Accra at the College of Surgeons and Physicians. The list includes Amanda Clinton, Nana Yaw Amponsah, Fred Pappoe, George Ankomah and Kurt Okraku.

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  • South Africa clash with Ghana gets a new date

    On Thursday 14 November, South Africa is scheduled to play the Black Stars of Ghana in Accra. They will also greet Sudan on Sunday, 17 November three days after that at Orlando Stadium. This happened later than Caf altered the original dates for the qualifiers for Afcon 2021.

    South Africa was originally selected to take part in the West African country on November 15. They were also chosen to be the host of Sudan on November 19. The dates were all changed when the continental controlling body interfered.

    Ghana and South Africa are in Group C along with Sao Tome Principe and Sudan.

    Only two teams from the group be selected to take part in the Afcon 2021 in Cameroon.

    Mauritius was beat in a historic win of Sao Tome– they won with 3-1 in the first leg of the preliminary stage. After that, they got a 2-1 victory in the second leg and this made them to complete an amazing aggregate of 5-2 win.

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  • JP Morgan all set to give criminals to ‘join the party’

    JP Morgan is ready to provide people with some sort of a criminal record, with an opportunity to re-live their lives as an executive by providing them jobs.

    JP Morgan,which is the largest bank in the United States, wants to consider the ex-criminals or convicted for jobs in their bank.

    JP Morgan to recruit people with criminal record

    JP Morgan all set to recruit people with criminal record

    The bank has allowed entry to a fewer number of people with criminal record, with minor charges and are working in transaction processing and account servicing.

    The United States loses a handful of GDP, around 80 billion dollars, by ignoring previously charged criminals for jobs. The bank has taken the initiative of allowing such people with an opportunity of living a dedicated and healthy life devoid of any contamination.

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  • Ghana-Teofimo Lopez promises to beat Commey on December 14


    It’s probably the history in making as the Americans and Ghanaian sports lovers are looking forward to a special date and that is December 14th, 2019. They have marked their calendars as it’s going to be the record-breaking world title fight between American boxer, Teofimo Lopez and Ghanaian boxer, Richard Commey at the Madison Square Garden on the very date. (Ghana)

    There is no doubt in the fact that Americans are not happy with Teofimo Lopez for his constant poor performance but the boxer is assured of winning the world title at the ESPN televised triple-header on December 14th. One of the main reasons for winning the world title is to prove the critics wrong and gaining their support back. Lopez has recently made a very convincing statement about winning the fight and thus achieved half of the goal of getting his support system back. According to the GTV Ghana report, in his statement about the fight, Lopez couldn’t resist giving a heads up to his challenger, Richard Commey. He said he is all set to put Commey to sleep as he is the major obstacle in his way of winning the world title and his support system back. Ghana

    Teofimo Lopez was exclusively interviewed by the boxing channel where he talked about the ESPN televised triple-headed in detail. He said he is very glad about the location of the fight which is Madison Square Garden as it was his dream to win his first world title at that very location. His exact words are, “I’m finally back at Madison Square Garden, the place where I always wanted to win my first world title.” Moreover, while talking about the critics Lopez said he is going to win his supporters back by giving them a spectacular win. 

    Lopez also expressed the fact that he really respects Commey as he is a great boxer but when they would be in a ring to fight, he would make sure to defeat him. He said, “I believe this fight will shut up all of the critics and prove to everyone that I back up my talking in the ring. I respect Commey as a champion, but when we’re in that ring, it’s going to be lights out for him. Come December 14, I am officially taking over the lightweight division.” (Ghana)

    Lopez lost the faith of his supporters after the July 19th fight with the Japanese well-known boxer, Masayoshi Nakatani by taking the much-hyped 12-round decision. However, it seems like he has gained half of his supporters back just by giving such a convincing interview. We are so looking forward to December 14th to see who puts who to sleep. 

    Stay tuned to GTV Sports Plus Live for the latest sports highlights. 

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  • Cookie Tee didn’t win any RTP award but something bigger than that


    When the entire Ghanaian entertainment industry, media outlets, radio, and TV has been indulging in the negative energies for the past many years, some of the celebrities prove that there is always a silver lining in every radio. We see celebrities bashing each other and media outlets presenting those beef by adding major explorations on TV/social media on a daily basis. This type of news clearly shows the difference in communication between common people and the people who are in higher places and the lace of optimism and patience. 

    However, for now as per a wonderful report from Ghana entertainment news, Ghanaian well-known radio personality and TV host, Cookie Tee has set a positive example by posting about the just-finished Radio and Television Personality Awards 2019. The host didn’t get any award at the awards ceremony and she was among the nominated ones. Despite the fact that she didn’t get any award, the TV host has shown a perspective that definitely deserves an award. The host took to her official Instagram handle and posted a gratitude note about the ceremony which has made everyone surprised. 

    According to Cookie, it doesn’t matter whether she got the award at the RTP 2019 or not as she got something bigger which is the experience of hosting for the second time. While talking exclusively about the RTP Awards 2019, Cookie Tee said, “We didn’t win this time, but what I actually won on that stage hosting for the second time is way more priceless than any award! I WON EXPERIENCE and that to me is EVERYTHING as I journey on in this Media Space.”

    The host also exclusively thanked everyone who voted for her by saying that, “THANK YOU to ALL who took time to vote for me considering how “COMPLICATED” it was to go through the voting process. To you all Genuine fans and loved ones who keep on looking out for me and cheering me on, I say GOD BLESS YOU!! —WE KEEP MOVING.”

    There is no doubt in the fact that Cookie has shown a very postie insight to everyone. We couldn’t expect the same response from most of our celebrities who need to up their game and be a positive example. Likewise, in one of my previous blogs, I talked about how Lydia bashed a fan on Twitter without thinking twice. It’s high time that celebrities all over the world realize the fact that they have a responsibility on their shoulders so they can’ act like normal people. Just like Cookie showed an example, everyone should do the same. 

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  • Father: King Arthur gets 15 years for defiling daughter

    King Arthur

    A father and trader, King Arthur rapped his 12-year-old daughter. Under the order of Accra Circuit Court, he has been sentenced 15 years imprison. The criminal court confessed that he brutally raped his daughter several times.

    According to him, attempted rape in the absence of a mother and then threaten the little girl. If she opens her mouth he will kill her. Since the girl is under 16, the court also punished him for child labor. The case was specifically studied by Rita Abrokwa Doko.

    “The prosecution led by Chief Inspector Kofi Atimbiri at the beginning of the trial told the court that, King Arthur, a resident of Spintex in Accra, committed the offense in January this year. He also told the court that the victim’s mother, who is separated from the father, had brought the victim to live with the father and her stepmother – the convict’s new wife.”

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  • Afia Pokua: l left my dying father to read news

    Afia Pokua

    Born, Afia Pokua in the news world known as Vim Lady shared a motivational success story with viewers and fans. She disclosed how much she was committed to her work. Even she left her father on death bed just to read the news.

    Afia Pokua finally leaves her home, Adom FM after 17 years and joins UTV. She unveiled that journey with Adom FM was the biggest blessing of Almighty God. She added that she learned a lot of things from good and bad people which is part of life.

    “One of my biggest blessings God has ever given me is positioning me at Multimedia Group Limited after my short stint at P &P. For 17 years, I have done my best, even left my father on his death bed to read my bulletin before running to the hospital to bid him farewell.

    I have learned from great people and taken lessons from my bad experiences. This is the best time to leave and open avenues for others to grow. I’m indebted to all those who helped me on that journey. It’s been fun, tears but a great experience. I hope to learn more about the next chapter.”

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  • Auntie B: Giving my daughter to Rev Obofour got me two cars & house

    Auntie B

    The venter Ghanaian actress, Auntie B smashed Nana Agradaa by stating that General Overseer of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev Obofour bought her two cars and house in return of her daughter.

    Nana Agradaa imposed allegations on Auntie B’s daughter that she is a s*xual relation with Rev Obofour. In response, she clarified that Nana Agradaa is on cheap agenda to tarnish her image but insane. She will be successful in her mission. Auntie B ruined Nana Agradaa’s image so badly that she interprets it in her personal life. She said Nana’s child is still admitted in south Africa’s rehab.

    “Nana Agradaa has a child who is a drug addict and is currently in South Africa receiving treatment. The actress sarcastically replied Nana Agradaa’s allegations that indeed she has benefited from giving her daughter to Rev Obofour.”

    Their fight is trending on social media. What do you think? Share your views with us.

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  • Audrey Esi Swatson: Ghana’s youngest commercial pilot

    Audrey Esi Swatson

    22-year-old Ghana’s youngest commercial female pilot, Audrey Esi Swatson landed plane successfully. The young pilot was born in Ghana’s capital, Accra on 23rd of February, 1997. She got early education from the University of Ghana Basic School and then she moves to Ghana Christian International High School.

    She got admission to the Mach1 Aviation Academy in South Africa when was just 18-year-old. In the same academy, she completed the degree for a commercial pilot license. At the age of 19, she holds the license of a commercial pilot. While sharing her experience she stated that:

    “My flight training experience with Mach1 Aviation Academy has developed my ability to operate in a fast-paced, high-performing organization. It reinforced the requirement to make sound decisions in a sometimes ambiguous environment, led by example, and deliver results with little margin for error. I had the privilege of flying with some truly inspirational, selfless flight instructors who embodied fortitude, grit, resilience, courage, and integrity.”

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