The fiery entity tries to mesmerise Soulgha

Soulgha and The Dead Zone Tomb – Episode 02

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He opened his eyes after the initial flash from the energy pulse, only to find himself transported to some strange place, blazing extra-ordinary flames of light and fire.

Protected by his glasses he was able to look around. The space before him started to glow a different colour to its surroundings. He scanned the shelter which was no more than an uncompleted shack. To his amazement shone a tombstone. As he stared at it, he began experiencing a hypnotic effect, that was painful until the the tombstone started to move.

The headstone pushed out a scroll parchment from its body which hovered in front of him.
Then the most peculiar thing began to happen. It spoke to his mind. It was just as-well, because the scroll was written in some mystical language he couldn’t read, let alone understand.

It seemed to be reading him his last rights including charges of crimes worthy of a demonic lord’s attention. This scared the hell out of him.

Is this the end of our hero?  and will Soulgha escape the prison of Accradon?