Soulgha tries to escape from Dead Zone Tomb

Soulgha and The Dead Zone Tomb – Episode 03

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He thought, I’ve got get out of here. But where could he go. He saw a cliff edge he thought he could escape to. He would rather die than stay there and besides, it could all be an illusion.
With all his will to live and believing he could muster speed like a cheetah, he bolted for the cliffs edge.

Then came the real pain, balls of flames hit him from all directions. He tried to evade them by darting left and right, but to no avail. He managed to focus and began to resist the hypnotic effect. His will was helping him to regain his focus and eventually he found himself running free again.

“It” knew what he was going to do before he did and generated a circle of red flames around his feet, which stopped him in his tracks. This was going to hurt, he thought, as he watched lines of red, gold and white light, circle and dance below his feet.
His feet were now pinned to floor. Periodic flames of multi coloured light penetrated his body, and the harder he  struggled, the stronger pulses burned in his blood and shuddered his body and soul.

He flopped to the floor and dropped his head to stare at the ground now burning around his feet. Then with a final burst of mad energy, staggered and leapt off the cliff edge into oblivion. For a few moments he wondered why he hadn’t turned into splattered pulp on the ground. When the blur in his eyes cleared, he found him self high above the ground and the ground was getting smaller.

After a few seconds of gazing in a daze at the ground disappearing before him. He felt the urge to raise his arms high to wards the heavens. He was immediately propelled by an invisible force and shot off at the speed of sound. He could feel raw energy coursing through his body and as he gained momentous speeds, the flames and smoke burning from his clothes, blew themselves out like a candle. With one last mental push he propelled himself forward and was now approaching the speed of light. The air flashed, thunder sounded and then he was gone.