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Kakum Forest and the boy ghost – Episode 01

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Ana walked into the woods as she always does and knew the routes well to the quietest places and views of beauty.
She thought it was a beautiful forest although slightly dark at times but it always looked fantastic and magical to Ana.

On this day it was different. Not quite quiet, but with a definite hum about it. She had a weird feeling, not familiar as such, but most noticeable to one who visits so often.

As she walked deeper into the woods she noticed the path had changed its pattern. The footpath carved out by her previous visits seemed somewhat wider, as if more than one person, maybe a group of people had just pasted by.

Curious as her nature was and with some apprehension, she walked on further down the path to explore what was a head.

The further she walked the more mysterious the path became. A speck of light shone brightly in the distance through the trees, not from the sky, but as if it were the sun beginning to set.

Suddenly a brightness flickered across the trees followed by wisps of light flashing all around her. Although she couldn’t smell anything burning, a misty cloud began to rise from the forest floor. The forest had come alive, illuminating her surroundings.

Before her, shone a gate with a figure standing in its doorway. Not a man she thought, it was too short. She hesitated once again and then approached cautiously.
She wondered “could this be the Ghost Boy the elders have been prophesying about”. There was only way to find out, she decided to communicate with the figure, although she wasn’t really sure what to say. She thought, “I’ll keep it simple, and just say hello and hope for the best”.